Adapted Physical Education

Last Updated: 2/11/2021 3:17 PM

Subject: Adapted Physical Education Unit Plan
Objective/Overall Goal: Students will participate in developmentally appropriate activities
Standard(s): (MS) CA PE Standards 1-5 (HS) CA PE Standards 1-3
Essential Questions: What body parts did I meet today?
Suggested Equipment: One Ball & Chair     Time: Approximately 20 minutes


DAY 1: Warm Up Stretches and Locomotor Skills


DAY 2: Warm Up Stretches and Ball Control Skills

DAY 3: Warm up Stretches and “Go Noodle” videos

DAY 4: Walk around your house for 20 minutes today


DAY 5: Warm up Stretches and Balance Activities

DAY 6: Warm up Stretches and "Paul Eugene" chair workout video

DAY 7: Warm up Stretches and Fitness Activities

DAY 8: Warm up Stretches and "Cosmic Kids" Yoga Video Activities

DAY 9: Walk around your house for 20 minutes today


DAY 10: Warm up Stretches and "Jack Hartman" Videos


This website is intended to provide resources and enrichment to students receiving PUHSD Adapted PE services and should not be used as an individualized plan for treatment. If you have any questions, please contact your PUHSD Service Provider.