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Jennifer Rizzo

English, EL Coordinator


Hello, and welcome to THE HERD!

My name is Mrs. Rizzo and this is my 22nd year teaching brilliant young scholars. I am teaching English I and English III, as well as working with students who are continuing to develop their English language skills. My goals are to establish a safe environment and foster a love for learning in our classroom and beyond. I believe all students with a positive mindset and strong work ethic have the power to achieve their goals; and I look forward to supporting them along their journey. You can find all information regarding our class on Canvas.

On a personal note, my husband and I have three children. The older two decided to attend schools as far away as possible (England & Virginia), while we stay busy with our youngest who is a junior in high school and plays competitive lacrosse. I enjoy reading, hiking and eating; but not necessarily in that order. ;)

The best way to reach me is through email:

Looking forward to a great year with all of my students!